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Welcome to the SprintPCS-sucks.com Web site. The SprintPCS-sucks.com Web site is a consumer advocacy web site. If you have arrived at this site it is probably because you are not satisfied with your Sprint PCS cellular telephone service, either past or present. Read My Story to get the background on this ongoing saga.

The latest post in the Blog was made on 10/31/2014 11:19:38 AM.

05 July 2007 - This just in...

Apparently it is okay for Sprint PCS to cancel your contract if they feel that you call them too much to complain about their cell service, billing errors, etc. At least they are nice enough that they will not charge you and early termination fee when they cancel your contract.

Read the full story...

See an image of an actual letter from SprintPCS

Sprint PCS Knows

I'm sure that the executives at Sprint PCS know that they offer terrible coverage and customer service. While looking for an appropriate domain name, I tried all the obvious ones like www.sprintsucks.com or www.sprintpcssucks.com, but they were already registered. Can you guess who owns the domain names? Not Sprint or Sprint PCS. I guess a few other dissatisfied Sprint customers got there first. But Sprint Communications Company L.P. does own the following list of domain names.


Purpose of this Web site

The purpose of this consumer advocacy Web site is to provide a place for individuals, like you, to voice your opinions and experiences with Sprint PCS cellular service. You can post comments to this web site anonymously or you can register for an account. Don't worry, we only post your selected username and we will not give out your e-mail address to anyone. Your e-mail address is only used in the event that you forget your password.

We would like to hear your story whether you are dissatisfied with your current or past Sprint PCS cellular service or satisfied with your current or past service.

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The SprintPCS-sucks.com web site is a consumer advocacy Web site. It is used by consumers to communicate their experiences with Sprint PCS cellular service. This Web site is protected by the First Amendment. The use of the Sprint PCS name and Sprint PCS trademark is permissible as defined under the Lanham Act as "fair use", which is covered under US Code Title 15 - Commerce and Trade. The Lanham Act permits a non-owner of a registered trademark to make "fair use" or "nominative use" of a trademark under certain circumstances without obtaining permission from the mark's owner. The fair use and nominative use defenses are to help ensure that trademark owners do not prohibit the use of their marks when they are used for the purpose of description or identification. The use of a trademark can be considered a non-confusing "nominative use" when it meets the following requirements:

  1. the trademark owner's product or service must be one that is not readily identifiable without the use of the trademark (e.g Sprint PCS);
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